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Soccer GAME (Fall 2010)

9.18 (SAT) vs. Bennington 2:00PM Tie 1 : 1

10.2 (SAT) at. Bennington 12:00PM Win 3 : 0

10.9 (SAT) at. Marlboro 3:00PM Win 4 : 1

10.16 (SAT) vs. Putney FC 3:00PM

10.24 (SUN) at. Landmark 2:00PM

10.30 (SAT) vs. Marlboro 2:00PM

Monday, October 4, 2010

October 2nd game vs Bennington

October 2nd, 2010 was a proud day to be a chipmunk. The SIT Chipmunks faced off against their rival, the Bennington Eagles, for what shaped up to be a game of determination and redemption for the Chipmunks. Arriving to Bennington, the Chipmunks were greeted by the shouts and boos of hundreds of Bennington fans and supporters who wanted nothing more than to see the Chipmunks run into the woods with their tails between their legs.

These yells and boos of the hundreds Bennington fans on attendance did not affect the stone cold Chipmunks. They walked onto the field with confidence and courage. They were focused and ready to battle their animal rival. For too long the Eagle has been the predator of the Chipmunk. Not today my friends, not today.

Within the first couple minute of play, the hustle and motivation of the Chipmunks paid off when Eric Weisenberger was able to retrieve a loose ball in the box and put it into the back of the net giving the Chipmunks and early 1-0 lead.

The Chipmunks were relentless and refused to slow down or show any mercy. The first half continued with the Chipmunks controlling the ball for the majority of the time. The defense played superbly and only let Bennington get off a few shots which either sailed over the goal or were saved by the heroic goalie Carl Russell.

The Chipmunks continued where they left off in the second half, with total domination of the Bennington Eagles. In the 56th minute of play, a beautiful cross was made into the center of the field where Jean "the rock" Christophe Moran headed the ball sharply into the goal giving the Chipmunks a 2-0 lead.

Bennington's emotions were high and tempers began to flair, but the Chipmunks handled it with poise. They continued to move the ball around and find the open player. Shot after shot, the Chipmunks offense continued to attack the goal while the Chipmunk defense continued to let nothing past them. Finally, in the 70th minute, a ball sent from the backfield was retrieved by Florian Rexhepi, who sprinted up field and found an opening beating the last defending player. Florian ripped a shot from about 18 yards out, sending the ball into the back top left of the goal. This was the nail in the coffin for the Eagles, and everyone knew it.

When the final whistle blew, the Chipmunks had won 3-0. Showing there respect and sportsmanship, the Chipmunks lined up, shook hands, and congratulated the hard play of the badly beaten Eagles. Afterward, the Chipmunks enjoyed a feast of champions and basked in the sun, sharing their accounts of the day's win.

Bennington had hundreds of fans to support them but it was not enough to stop SIT. This was not just a win for the SIT Chipmunks, but a victory to Chipmunks all over the world.

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