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Soccer GAME (Fall 2010)

9.18 (SAT) vs. Bennington 2:00PM Tie 1 : 1

10.2 (SAT) at. Bennington 12:00PM Win 3 : 0

10.9 (SAT) at. Marlboro 3:00PM Win 4 : 1

10.16 (SAT) vs. Putney FC 3:00PM

10.24 (SUN) at. Landmark 2:00PM

10.30 (SAT) vs. Marlboro 2:00PM

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

9/18/10 Chipmunks First Match

The Chipmunks tied their first game Saturday against Bennington College with a 1-1 score. Carl Russell played as Chipmunks’ goalie for the entire game, and managed in blocking several of Bennington’s advances.
“The other team had some obvious talent, but my defense kept me pretty bored most of the time,” said Russell.
Bennington scored the first goal in the first half, passing a dive from Russell and an assist from Sports and Activities Coordinator and Assistant Coach Florian Rexhipi.
“We have a few players without a lot of experience, but I was more than satisfied with how our team played together,” said Rexhipi. “Especially in the second half, when our team started playing a more structured game.”
In regard to the team’s more experienced players, Rexhipi recommends that Chipmunks fans keep an eye out for Paul, Esey, and Erin, who “are really talented and have more experience.”
Rexhipi scored the Chipmunks’ only goal in the second half.
“I really thought the Chipmunks were going to pull through and win in the end, but I’m glad we at least tied,” said Becky Spacheck. “They really came together in the second half.”
The Chipmunks will have a scrimmage this Saturday, September 25, and another game against Bennington Saturday October 2.

Katie Homer
SIT Newspaper editor

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