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Soccer GAME (Fall 2010)

9.18 (SAT) vs. Bennington 2:00PM Tie 1 : 1

10.2 (SAT) at. Bennington 12:00PM Win 3 : 0

10.9 (SAT) at. Marlboro 3:00PM Win 4 : 1

10.16 (SAT) vs. Putney FC 3:00PM

10.24 (SUN) at. Landmark 2:00PM

10.30 (SAT) vs. Marlboro 2:00PM

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hello all Chipmunk fans,

On a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon amongst the rolling hills of Brattleboro, the SIT Chipmunks soccer team put on a magnificent performance on their home field as they started their 2009 season with a win. Lead by legendary SIT coach Kazu, the Chipmunks hard preseason work rewarded them with a 3-1 win over visiting Bennington College. Early on it was a defensive struggle for both teams, but then our own Adam Hommeyer took control and executed a spectacular head shot on a perfect pass to put the first score on the board. The capacity filled SIT stadium went wild singing out cheers in various languages while waving Chipmunk banners. Adam's score even got the attention of the tailgaters as they joined in on the celebration.

The euphoria was short lived as Bennington collected themselves and tied the game with a corner shot just
out of reach of our goalie and our Turkish classmate. That Bennington score resulted in the first half ending in a stalemate. Coach Kazu's halftime fiery speech will go down in history alongside Notre Dame's Knute Rockine's spill of "Win one for the Gipper." Everyone's awareness of Kazu leaving SIT at the end of the semester brought
emotions into the game and SIT was motivated. Eric Peterson took control almost immediately and put SIT in the lead early on into the second half with another amazing show of athleticism shooting one into Bennington's net. Eric's goal inspired all the Chipmunks, especially Nicole Davis. Nicole was pumped up, got physical and started "taking out" any Bennington player that even thought about coming close to our goal. With about 15 minutes left in the match SIT graduate Eric Weisenberger sealed the win with a shot that was worthy of an ESPN highlight replay.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Chipmunks!!! The Chipmunks thank everyone for their showing and overwhelming
support which spurred them on to victory. The team will be on the road for the next two games, but y'all are
welcome to join us in support. The Chipmunks look forward to seeing EVERYONE at our next home game on
the 10th of October. BTW, we have discovered that not all students are aware that SIT has a soccer team and
that any student can play regardless of your gender or experience. If anyone is interested in playing for the
undefeated Chipmunks please let me know. Thanks, and GO CHIPMUNKS!!!

Sports & Recreation Assistant

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